Did you know that Mississippi has some of the Best Natural Water Supplies in the US? One of these can be found in Panola County. Our Water is derived from the Upper Wilcox Aquifer 400’ deep from the surface of our great planet and is offered to you in 5-gallon bottles that are ready for consumption. We purchase only durable and sustainable 5-gallon bottles made from polycarbonate which is a strong clear and reusable type of plastic that can withstand ample force while being transferred and stored. We also rent and sell water coolers to keep your water cold and satisfying. Email or call us to start the delivery of these products to you today. We service a 100-mile radius of Batesville, Mississippi for Commercial Customers. The service is also available for pick up for Residential Customers with the return of all bottles. [email protected] or 662.234.0062

Bottled Water Service


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